[verse 1]
Caught between a rock
and a very hard place
I’m trying to put on
my most bravest face

Can’t quite figure it out
Seems all is lost
Which way to turn
and at what cost?

[chorus 1]
I’m conflicted
Churning within
So conflicted
Burning within

[verse 2]
Up is down
and left is right
I don’t know why
I have to fight

You speak of peace
of love and truth
I have pain
and I’m on this roof

[chorus 2]
I’m conflicted
Questioning why
So conflicted
Don’t wanna die

[verse 3]
I sing out the words
but the melody’s wrong
I grapple with fiction
a neverending song

Black is white
and white is black
I’m in the trenches
I’m under attack

[chorus 1 &2]
I’m conflicted
Churning within
I’m conflicted
Burning within

I’m conflicted
Questioning why
I’m conflicted
Don’t wanna die

Oh, don’t you care what happens to me?
Oh, can’t you see I’m dying in degrees?
And if I call your name in the night,
will you answer and say it’s alright?

For every step closer
takes me one step away
as I wait for the night
to give in to day

© MH


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