Mark my words
and mark them well
for it’s only one time
this story I’ll tell

A story of a hero
so bold and so brave
searching for a damsel
for one he could save

He searched the high
and he searched the low
There was no place on earth
that he would not go

It all came to nought
this quest he was on
For when he thought he was right,
he was actually wrong

Our hero gave up
not brave and not bold
and resigned himself
to start getting old

The damsel, elusive
mysterious and fair
The hero a zero
and losing his hair

With no answers to why
the damsel is gone
The questions do fly
He’s right and he’s wrong.

© MH


One thought on “Zhero

  1. A very conflicting poem about a man searching for truth whilst truth remains elusive. Age takes its toll and, eventually, apathy.


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