The Rebel

beaten down by the powers that be
but the powers that be
have no power you see
over me

so I’m down but not out
my voice can still shout
what I’m on about

I dared to disagree
with the masses massively
from across the sea
to the town where I be

I cannot say how hated I am
a lion now a lamb
but a roar’s what I can
sound from where I am

I’m sick of it all
I didn’t drop no ball
I have heard the call
and now I stand tall

My skin thick and heavy
My eyes open and ready
My lungs with air
and more to spare
’cause I don’t care
what you think

I’m a rebel
You don’t control me
I’m a rebel
I’m not the only
I got my gun
and it’s pointing at your head
someday you gonna wind up dead
but it ain’t gonna be me
who pulled the trigger
you see

I’m a rebel
and I’m standing for once
for what I believe
that you can’t conceive
or want to receive
I’ll give no reprieve
this time

I’m a rebel
and I’m calling you out
Don’t need to shout
or write on your blog
’cause you’re sad in my eyes
You don’t realise
what a compromise
that killed your eyes
You may as well euthanise
your dreams and visions
of hopes and glory
because all of your story
leaves us all for dead
That’s what I said
so stay in your bed
and watch your head
’cause now I’m mad
at the man who’s sad
and did something bad
but refuses to move
even when in the groove
of evil and lies
and that, I despise

Stay conformed
submitted and bound
Don’t say you weren’t warned
that you heard no sound
of a million soldiers marching

Stay deaf and dumb
Fill your mouth
with your thumb
and try imagine
that reality doesn’t exist

I serve a King
I don’t serve no man
did you think you can
be lord over me?
I serve a King
I respect you no more
I will show you the door
this time

And as your fake world
comes crashing around you
and the air reeks of hypocrisy
stinging your nostrils with every breath;
I will dare you
I will dare you
I will dare you
to beat me down
one more time.

© MH


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