The Broken Dancer

I see you
as you were;
with the very essence of life
and joy deep within

pulsating through your veins
the pleasure of your soul
the language of your life

You smiled so much more then
You laughed
You lived
You loved

Were it possible,
beams of light would shine
from within
and light up the room
with just with one move of your arm

Grace and poise,
finesse and skill
all in one small shell

Beauty captured in motion
movement telling stories
and harnessing emotion
like a wave ready to break on the shore

In slow motion
you’d fly through the air
as if an angel
were carrying you in his arms
Gently landing on the ground

You’d turn around,
hair flying about your head
and you’d smile
You’d smile because you were happy
You were so happy.

So fragile
and yet so strong
So short
and yet so tall
So quiet
and yet so loud

All was well
All was at peace
Happiness and peace filled every corner

It changed one day.
It all changed one day.

Life no more.
Death victorious
as darkness befell your house.

Your dance was over.
Falling to the floor,
you were broken
into a million pieces

each piece a memory
each piece a feeling
each piece a part
of everything you were
and were to become

I could not possibly piece together
a million dreams
a million hopes
a million emotions
a million pieces of you
drifting in a sea
of a million tears

A piece of me died with you that day.

Life can be cruel
reminding us of times
we’d rather forget

Life can be cold
holding us back
when we want to move on

Life can be sad
giving us tears
when all we want is laughter

I pray that
one day
you will smile again
because, deep down inside,
you will be truly happy,
that you will have found real peace,

and begin to dance again.

© MH


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