Running so fast
my heart is pounding in my chest
Feels like someone hitting me
again and again
every step I take
the brute force of life takes hold
in an almost tangible form

My breathing is so loud
it drowns out all other sound
but my heartbeat
in my ears

so fast you probably can’t see me
swooping past your bench
while you sit and eat your lunch

I can’t stop
I can’t stop running

Life slows down around me,
everybody looks so slow
I keep running

The sweat drenches my body
and I’m cold and hot
at the same time
but I keep running

I’ve got to reach the end
no matter what I face
I’ve got to keep running
I’ve got to win this race

My body in agony
My lungs about to burst
as the cold winter air wraps its claws around my neck
like a constrictor refusing to give up its prey

My legs begin to tire
I think, I think I can run no more

But suddenly a voice cries out from somewhere:

“Keep going! You can do it!”
“I believe in you! You are special to me!”

And suddenly,

I choose to believe it…

and I run, faster than ever before!

© MH


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