I’m underwater
and I’m drowning

The bubbles rise
one by one;
each one carrying
a cry for air

But the only sound they make
is a quiet ‘pop’
as they break the surface,
leaving only an incomprehensible ripple

You’d never think
such anguish, such desperation…
all contained in one tiny bubble

I’m not sure
how I got into this mess
I’m not sure
if I can get out

It all started with a sinking ship

My arms reaching up
just below the surface
Life is only inches away
Death is even closer

In every bubble:
a dream,
a memory,
a thought,
a regret.

I watch them wiggle their way up to freedom

Just as I
had entered the water,
the water
now enters me

It’s dark and quiet

and there are no more bubbles.

© MH


One thought on “Drowning

  1. Quite somber and dark. I felt like exploring situations with my words. Not literal but imaginative from the perspective of being stuck underwater. A metaphorical allegory from a past experience.


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