Love exists

Stubborn and stupid
believing in Cupid
Chasing after dreams
and fairy tales

Hope above hope
Faith in your soap
to make clean
when fantasy fails

You run and you chase
all over the place
for want
of a better way

But lies and deceit
are all that you meet
It doesn’t matter
what they say

Hopeless and helpless
Shamefully selfless
you give who you are
to all

They take and they rape
and throw you away
They’re happy to watch
you fall

You’ve not found love
There’s no peace dove
There’s nothing
for you to hold

The warmth that had been
is no longer seen
and now you’re left out
in the cold.

here is my hand
Take it now
and we’ll leave this place

Faith exists
Hope exists
Love exists

Don’t give up on love.

© MH


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