Deliberation or Defeat

Dancing to an invisible drumbeat
until I can dance no more
Dancing with everything that is in me
until my body reaches the floor

I cannot dance any longer
this tango of life
It’s worn me down
I’m spent

The music carries on
It’s now a different song
Although I’ve known this tune all along

Too tired to move
to think or to act
My mind is numb to consequences

The beat now beats me
and I’m helpless in it’s grasp
I come up now and then
if only just to gasp

Relentless and unswerving
the course of despair,
plotted out with intentional indiscretion,
leads all to the place
they never wanted, and always wanted,
to be.

© MH


One thought on “Deliberation or Defeat

  1. Such is the plight of man without God.
    That all things real will find no cause.
    And what will the outcome of this life be?
    It will all hinge tightly on who you say is HE.
    It’s the life we lead that names us friend.
    And all, that not, will find the end.
    It’s those who seek with all their might.
    In this dark and sin blackened night.
    Who find the hope they’re looking for.
    It’s Jesus, who’s the open door.

    by His Grace.


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