Slightly Off Key

We all sing out of tune,
some more than others
The words might change
a verse removed
but the song stays the same

I know some words
The others flow
From whence they come
I don’t know

I sing with my voice
abrasive and sharp
I think it’s time
for David’s harp

I hear you singing
you’ve got that song
The tune that I had
was all but wrong

I’m slightly off key
so please forgive me
it’s my voice you see
my heart so willingly
gives up to brokenness
So nothing is heard
no tweet from a bird
or nay from the herd

but I still sing
a little off key
what’s wrong with me?

Black and white
these keys on display
the master pianist
begins to then play
a tune of peace
and a tune of love
a tune of forgiveness
eternal and unchanging

I’m still off key
nothing wrong
with me
The song I sing
is beautiful
to thee.

© MH


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