I Am A Drummer

I do not expect you to understand
why I tap my fingers on the table
why I constantly bounce my leg up and down
in a rhythm that only my body can produce

I do not expect you to understand
why I walk and chew at the same time
in time, with time, and take time
to work out how many steps it took me
for the length of one verse of a song

I do not expect you to understand
why I stop in mid-sentence
and listen to the dripping tap
the bird cooing outside
the rattle of machinery
the stepping sounds of someone in a rush
the wind rustling the leaves in the tree

I see rhythm all about me
I feel rhythm all around me
I sense the rhythm
I am the rhythm

I see rhythm in the way you walk
I feel the rhythm when you shake my hand
I think in rhythm
I talk in rhythm

All about me

I am a part of it
I cannot help it

I am a drummer
The beat is in my veins
Embedded into the very ventricles of my heart
with each and every beat of the liquid of life
Every pulse a reminder of my identity
my purpose and passion

I beat out a rhythm
that annoys
that argues
that fights
that upsets
that counters
that unashamedly resounds
in the hollows of empty heads

I am a drummer
and I have my rhythm
You will see it when I walk
You will hear it when I speak
You will sense it in the very words I write

Everywhere I go
I feel it
I grasp it
and hold onto every moment of time
that affords itself the opportunity of grasp
and I let myself go in the music

I am a drummer
my head filled with notes
my heart filled with desire

I speak the language of time
and the beat goes on and on
the beat is never right
and the beat is never wrong

I play out the beats I know
I play them for you
all I ask is for your listening soul
to hear my heart
and what I am saying to you

I am a drummer
it goes deeper than a feeling
deeper than a hobby
deeper than a habit

A vortex of nonsensical words
could never amount to much sense
when trying to convey something
so personal
and so powerful
that explaining it requires more than language.

I am a drummer.
The beat of life is in me.
The rhythm of my creator is in me.

It is who I am
It is who I am
It is who I am

© MH


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