Feed the baby to the dogs

We’re throwing away children
like they’re dirty old underwear
We’re tossing them to the wolves
We don’t care.

We’ve become a society
so (in)humane and proper
we can kill without conscience

We can murder without blood
take away what we never gave
Dream dreams and live lies

We cover the truth
We covet the truth

We say anyone can be
whomever they want to be
but only if we let them be

Victims of our own society
We deny ourselves the right to live
and allow ourselves the right to die

Suicide glorified
The pleasure of death
a drug for our mortality

Is there no answer?
Or will this nightmare perpetuate
the radial madness that never ends?

Were the unborn to have a voice
and scream their demands
before the knife cuts,
would we listen then?

© MH


One thought on “Feed the baby to the dogs

  1. Always a controversial issue and I’ve heard every argument. I actually am not sure this piece is finished.


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