Super-happy-contented people

I’ve never seen so many books
Different colours, different looks
I’ve never heard so many voices
Different callings, different choices

There lay before me:
A linguistical latitudinal layout of letters
A concise convergence of colloquial conglomeration

Each section providing information
Each section its own knowledge station
Each section expounding the mysteries of the universe and beyond
Each section full of truth, lies and worse

Within our limited human condition
We write pages
and pages and pages
and pages
of what we deem as valuable to others

We try help by helping
Trying to make sense
in the name of cents
burning incense
for the licence
so knowledge we may dispense
and then it all ends up on a shelf

If the evidence existed
if the proof could be listed
and these pages of truth
held nothing but the truth
the whole truth so help you God,
I ask:
“Where, then, are all the super-happy-contented people?”

© MH


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