No fix ever does…

Embracing the lies
like an innocent child
believing anything
you tell them

For the folly of youth
the social of the wild
will believe anything
they can see

They run through the forest
They dart through the trees
shouting of love and lust
scared of stinging bees

They court with danger
and dance with delusion
while singing their troubles away
inbetween gulps of golden liquid
slowly imbibed into lifeless bodies

Hollow laughs and empty smiles
and they have all the right answers
but ask all the wrong questions
and the dance continues

Not long ‘fore they wake up
to see the truth for what it is
staring them in the face
as an unbelievable grace

Lost in the smoke of confusion
and the lies of an unfaithful alliance
between soul and world

Staggering on a rocky path
yet nothing is worth laughing at
and the more you smile, the more you ache

Nothing fills the emptiness anymore
drink runs dry
an end to every high
and no fix ever does…fix

Stumbling along
like a madman chasing windmills
and seeing that which is not really there

My heart breaks for you.
My heart aches for you.
I want your pain
I want your tears
I want your burden
I’ll take your fears.

There is much, much more for you…than this.

© MH


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