The embracing of sound

A scratch cuts into the atmosphere
A cycling gentleness permeates the air
and the softness of comforting noise
drifts across the room,
seeking an ear in which to enter

A note sounds
and a trembling voice
softly rises in partnership with the pitch
while harmony and melody embrace

Ear found
Soul engaged
The music begins its course to the heart

As more notes escape
from the box within which they were created,
the air becomes drenched,
saturated in a cacophony of sound and emotion
and a beautiful experience begins

Light no longer needed
Touch no longer necessary
and taste dims in comparison to the aural ensemble

The mind is set free
The heart is not bound
Tears fall in time to the rhythm

The music, it heals
A heavenly language
of sound, grace and love hung upon the notes
floating in the air
and colliding with your soul on every frequency

This is the power
of music and emotion
of healing and belief
of love and of life.

© MH


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