Unasked questions

I held the hand of a dying man
it was cold and wet in mine
He was calm and quiet
he did not know
he did not know he was dying

I guess he thought
I was just being kind
I was actually there
to rob him blind

The minutes ticked over
and I started my run
question after question
fired like a gun

I needed his wisdom
I needed his truth
I needed to know
if he had any proof

I’d been searching for answers
in the young and the old
questioning the elders
on what I’d been told

He spoke in rhythm
He spoke in rhyme
I could not understand him
most of the time

He said
” We all have our journey
we all have our path
what’s done for ourselves
can never ever last. ”

“There must be more than this.”

He died that night
I heard him say
(hours before)
“I’m seeing God today.”

I guess he had figured
his time had run out
made his peace
there was no doubt

He left me with answers
to questions I had yet to ask.

© MH


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