Why don’t I bleed?

I cut myself
but I don’t bleed
I stab myself
but there’s no need
for tears or pain or hurt

I’m dry inside
all made of straw
there’s nothing there
from which to draw

I’m glad I’m dead
nothing left to fear
if only there was something
to help my ears to hear

I see your lips moving
but there is no sound
I look at your eyes
but they’re on the ground

I’m deaf to the world
a man of straw and buttons
a coward on the inside
a hero to the gluttons

There’s no reason to miss me
there’s no reason to cry
there’s no reason to kiss me
there’s no answer to the ‘Why?’

All I have
is all I’m not
Forgive me
Release me

Why don’t I bleed
when I feel the fire
of life’s attack
on my lifeless soul?

Breath of life
once more
I sojourn
into the desert
as I did before.

© MH


2 thoughts on “Why don’t I bleed?

  1. Written about someone who is confused. Deaf to the world and those around them. Looking inside but seeing there is nothing there and wondering why. Embarking on a new journey of discovery from a place of solitude.


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