Join the club, or else.

Easily intimidated
forcefully broken down
ground to powder
and stomped into the ground

One who dares to question
the authority of man,
one who uses the brain
for reason with justification:

he is not welcome here.

Ashamed to have an opinion
guilt-ridden to speak out
what is in the heart
bound by chains in the deepest of shadows

The freedom professed by others
only an illusion;
a rumour among the stars
that glitter from the hopes
of faded dreams

A song of conformity
rings in the air
and tones of normality
draw nought but a stare

Don’t dare sing out of key
for from the choir you’ll be ousted
Don’t dare change the words
for with Law you’ll be jousted

Live free and sing of freedom
while club members hold their ears
and you draw the rods of judgement
which poke you from every side

Oh my God, what have we done?

© MH.


One thought on “Join the club, or else.

  1. The propensity for “church” to be a sub-culture for christians who have nothing better to do with their time than be busy with being busy astounds me and clarifies the ineffectiveness of a bride too busy to meet her groom as she’s always ‘getting ready’ for ‘one day’… Hear my heart on this, I am not judging anyone but merely pointing out my own observations and note of the ‘club’ mentality of organised religion where a thinking brain is discouraged and anything different is too different to accept.


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