the nemesis of plurality
challenging the masses
and then ultimately becoming one of them.

Trying so hard to be different
just to end up the same as everyone else
when, actually, you were

born different.

Like the polar bear that changes its coat
it still remains a polar bear
The fish that changes colour
the bird that fluffs its feathers
They all remain who they are,
what they are.

You can change what is on the outside
and remain the same on the inside;

Your search has ended
when you have truly discovered
who you really are;
inside you all along.

Pre-programmed, DNA-driven
planned and structured
according to the Master Designer
creating you to be
exactly who you are;

Change is your ambition
Identity, your objective
Truth, your journey
Love, your desire
and, yet,
so restless your soul.

Take the reflection of the mirror
and pride yourself on the creation of YOU.


© MH.


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