A greater destiny

A sense of a greater calling
deep down inside

A life of passion and purpose
not yet lived to its full capacity

A feeling that
you’re supposed to be
somewhere else

The scars on your fist
a testimony
from the wall of frustration
that you have struck
over and over again

Your eyes tell the story
of a life unfulfilled
of promises broken
and hurt too deep to uncover
and, yet, not deep enough to bury

The world taunts
and mocks,
adding fuel
to the fire of your discontent

The world sings the songs
you don’t know the words to
and brandishes its swords
against your feeble paper rod

I believe the time will come
when you will realise
you have a greater destiny
and rise up in the truth of that belief

I believe in a destiny fulfilled
before your time on earth is done
and all rots away
bar your legacy for generations to come

Take strength in this time
and believe the impossible.

I believe.

© MH.


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