Non-existent regression

Another year gone
the past has passed
dreams, regrets, adventures, tears
long wisps of endless hopes
bedraggled as hair
on the man of the edge of awe and wonder

Anger and pain
remorse and relief
time to leave behind
the things that hurt the most

Another step into a future unknown
it begins with faith
a trust in the unseen
an honest disposition
with an affinity towards the miraculous

To believe in something;
better than believing in nothing
Nothing gets one nothing
and moving on means leaving something behind

The unchangeable remains

The unknowable remains
undetermined by man
filled with clouds of silver linings
storms of discontent
showers of refreshing
rivers of sorrow and joy
and a journey of life
which leads all and follows all

Another window open
another door closed
another road travelled
another avenue traversed
A path ended
another begun

Another chapter written
unfolded in loquacious lyric
written with ink of tears
from the heart of a searching traveller
with one answer to life’s eternal question

Another book added to the collection
of life’s library of mysteries
to be understood one day
when the day is done

For now
the planet still spins
the sun still shines
we live, we die
we laugh, we cry
we rejoice, we mourn
we run, we rest
we smile, we share
we care
we continue
we conquer
we reign
we love

The unknowable remains unknowable
The unchangeable remains unchangeable
But the steps taken on your path in truth
are yours forever.
Step boldly
without fear.

I stand here, alone;
made in this image by my Creator
Merely a broken vessel
unable to hold much of anything
and yet chosen to be the carrier
of water that refreshes the thirsty
Can these dry bones live again?

Faith. Hope. Love.

For there is no-one else to catch me
nothing to break my fall
no wind to carry me to safety
no chariot to whisk me away to the clouds
no oasis around the next dune
No, there is nothing.

Only hope remains for the blanket of comfort
to be wrapped around me one more time
to be sung to in the arms of my Father
to be cradled and loved
and made into the warrior I wish to be

With hope, a step in the direction of the unknown is taken
With love, a new story begins for another season

Another year has gone
another one to come
And so, with trepidation, I stand
on the edge of my world
and, in faith,
I leap
into the hands of Love.

© MH.


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