Use your words

For were we all to stop talking
and cease using words
to express our love and our hate,
what would be left
to communicate with
but our hands, our eyes, our fate?

The world would go quiet
not a word spoken
little boys little girls
no rules to be broken.

And after a while
a new language grows
How would one speak it?
Nobody knows.

The arms of the mother
wrapped ’round her daughter
The father of another
led to the slaughter.

Everyone could speak
without using words
No rhythm no rhyme
no adjectives or verbs.

With our hands and our eyes
we locked and we saw
we were not free
as we had thought before.

Our freedom in speech
our freedom in love
if only to reach
and grasp from above.

We needed our words
to say how we felt
Our actions were not enough
to marry our movements
our thoughts and our deeds
to make things smooth out of rough.

So words did return
and the people grew strong
love smote out hate
as it had done all along.

Use your words and speak them out
Do not be afraid do not doubt
The hand of Love will guide your soul
The hand of Love will keep you whole.

© MH.


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