Tightrope walker

Caught on a wire
wind blowing higher
I dare not look down at my feet
The canyon below
I wish not to go
I see through facades of deceit

The line now stretched tight
and to my delight
I dare say the end is in sight

I don’t want to fall
to go lose it all
my balance ’till now has been strong
But here comes the wind
to make me rescind
a melody now a sad song

I cannot go back
fall off this long track
there’s no turning back from here
It’s not for you
to see this through
it’s for me to conquer my fear

A few steps to go
and the cliffs down below
are nothing more than a thought
I dismount the rope
to me returns hope
and the courage for which I had fought

The walk now complete
look down at my feet
rays of light flash around
It’s then that I see
my Father holding me
I would never have hit the ground.

© MH.


2 thoughts on “Tightrope walker

  1. Life, I think, sometimes feels like one is walking upon that tightrope. The only way to stay balanced is to keep looking ahead and not down. If there is no-one to catch you, should you fall, and no safety net or harness to speak of, from where does your courage from if not deep down inside. Where does your trust lie, in your own abilities, your own strength? Will it not let you down? So I ask again, where does your trust lie?


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