Lonely walker

I got nothing to offer you
but just who I am
I got nothing to give you
just what I can

I got no good looks
I got no nice car
I sure don’t read books
I don’t travel far
I eat when I’m hungry
and sleep when I’m tired
I’ll take any job
if they say that I’m hired

I just got my skin
it keeps me together
It’s gotten quite thin
through all kinds of weather
My shoes are quite worn
my pockets are clean
my heart’s slightly torn
it’s ripped at the seam

My voice is too loud
and sometimes too still
I’m neither so proud
nor humble in will
I felt love’s kind touch
in rain and in sun
it’s sometimes too much
so I’m back on the run

Walking again
around and around
searching the world
till the truth I have found
A simple soul’s walk
is my main gait
no time to talk
no time to wait

I got nothing to give
nothing to hide
a reason to live
and truth deep inside.

© MH.


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