The surgeon’s tears

Words that hurt,
a campaign of chaos,
leave their marks
on the beating tissue of my heart

each beat magnifies the scar
then releases again
and down
it goes

the memory remains
but the pain seems better
going away more
each year

it needs good scrub
the heart of mine
a thorough rinsing of the soul

an incompetent surgeon
would rip it out
and throw it away
but the Master Surgeon
He knows what to do
He knows

He will take it
and hold it so gently
His eyes will fill with tears

The tears will drop
on the painful pulsations
and heal away the scars

With skill and determination
He will make my heart
as new

And then, ever so delicately,
He will place it back in me
and smile

Just the light from His smile
will start it again
and a new rhythm
in me begins

The memories
still there
but the pain no more
I am healed

© MH.


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