I got you in my sights
and now you’re going down
you’ve been around for far too long
there’s bad blood in this town

The cross-hairs placed on you
I think that you should know
I’m watching your every move
there’s nowhere for you to go

Evil lurks about you
pain your every threat
This transaction’s over
I’m cancelling my debt

I see you in the shadows
I see you in the light
I see you in the morning
I see you in the night

You can run
but you can’t hide
The world will know
how much you lied

A shot rings out
and then another
You hit the ground
but there’s no cover

I step up closer
the trigger I grasp
just enough time
to hear your last gasp

And now it’s all over
at least for today
until you get up
and go on your way

Tomorrow, again,
the hunt will resume
I’ll follow you, track you
from sun to full moon

You can’t get away
because one day you’ll die
and I’ll have my peace
oh prince of the lie.

© MH.


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