The emperor is naked!

The emperor is naked!
Can you not see?
He has no clothes on,
no clothes on has he!

He walks and he talks
like he owns the whole place
but it’s chilly
and his willy
is as wrinkled as his face.

He thinks he knows all
and shouts at the people
when he’s in the streets
or under the steeple

Only few see the truth
they’re not shy to speak
So the mighty lion
like a mouse will squeak

The emperor is naked!
There is something of lack,
he has no more truth
than the clothes on his back…

© MH.


One thought on “The emperor is naked!

  1. Ah, such a cheeky poem! I was reminded the other day of the story of ‘The emperor’s new clothes’ and how mass manipulation of the people is such a powerful and terrible thing and how it even happens in some churches around the world in the name of Christianity… terrible stuff. This poem has a similar one called ‘Hey preacha man’ which talks about people in positions of leadership but they have no love or they abuse that position because they think they have ‘power’ over people, which they don’t.


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