World Wine Web

Drunk on wine
the fruit of the vine
I don’t see things clearly

My voice is loud
breaking through the shroud
of that which I hold most dearly

I can’t break free
the branches cling to me
refusing me the light

I don’t really care
life’s not really fair
there’s nothing left for which to fight

So I’ll take another drink
helps me not to think
and saunter the world in sorrow

Perhaps I will find
others who are blind
together we’ll never see tomorrow

This wine that I drink
it’s not what you think
it’s the spirit the world gives to all

You’ll find yourself high
on the cliffs asking why
and step to begin your last fall

Pray for the angels
to spread their wings
and catch you before you fall
For unless you know
where it is you’ll go
you’ll wonder why you drank at all.

© MH.


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