Your personal thief

I want what you have
so I’ll reach out and take it
I don’t care how long
it took you to make it

What’s yours is now mine
What’s mine was once yours
I’ll open the windows
when you close the doors

I’m your personal thief
you’ll never catch me
No prints will I leave
No evidence you’ll see

The mirror will show
and reflect what I see
identity mixed up
with man’s philosophy

Your pride now in pieces
Your heart on the floor
I’ve taken your baby
and walked out the door

I’m your personal thief
you’ll never catch me
You know who I am
but you’ll never ever see

© MH.


One thought on “Your personal thief

  1. Sometimes, who we think we are is challenged by what others think we are. We place ourselves in the view of others and attempt to live up to their expectations of us, only deceiving ourselves. Our true identity, who we really are, is challenged when life throws things at us that causes us to dig deeper down and discover the superhero, the strongman, the mighty man that rises up to fight for what he believes in.

    We know what robs us of our identity today and, yet, we allow that thief to continue to rob us of all we deserve. So few will stop and say ‘Enough!’ and begin to make that change to live in the reality of their true identity and be true what they really know they believe in! The thief that robs who you are inside, that is the thief that does the greatest damage, not the one that breaks into your house and steals your TV!


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