Delusions of grandeur

Deadly poison
I drink it like tea
and blood
is the colour of life

Extreme greatness
is destined for me
It’s now obvious
I’m superhuman you see

Fire is my fuel
ice is my night
I’m not going down
without a good fight

Thorns are my nails
and steel is my hair
My tongue is my sword
I wield with no care

I am so great
I don’t care about you
lion in the wild
or mole in the zoo

Life lies before me
Before me life lies
I’ll raise up the sun
to silence my cries

I am so great
I don’t care about me
Truth be told
there’s not much to see

The mirror projects
an invisible force
a negative entity
that needs a divorce
‘tween the brain
and the heart
a tale apart
with a knife in the one hand
and a book in the other
one brings life
and death for another

Can someone help
this deluded young man?
Offer him some truth?
I’m sure you can.

Unbind those shackles
Release those chains
Look to the sky
be washed by the rains

I’m not so great
so great any more
Please help me up
and show me the door.

© MH.


One thought on “Delusions of grandeur

  1. The beginning starts with a man boasting, full of pride, thinking nothing can take him down. Halfway through, he admits his fragility and pride and realises he is not as great as he thought he was. There is hope for those who know not who they really are and trying to make sense of life and their purpose in this world.


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