I’m a sensitive soul
so handle with care
I’m brittle inside
when it’s too much to bear

I stand in the wind
and bend like a reed
but the complexity of complexity
will baffle as I need
to find more truth
about who I am
and where I’m going
What I am
and what’s worth knowing

I’m delicate deep down
You might think it not true
But when I’m red on the outside
on the inside I’m blue

I laugh and shake hands
and greet with a smile
all while the hourglass sands
remind me of the short while
I have on this earth
from the day of my birth
till the day I die
so I question why
and I question how
my life can count
when I live for now

I have not long
before I’m gone
this fragile soul
will soon move on

© MH.


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