See how the light shines
it shines
through the golden liquid
it shines

See how the bubbles rise
they rise
through the intoxicating
liquid of lust

Like an elixir
for the hope of man
An answer
to all my problems?

Hear how it calls to me
it knows my name
and calls me closer
to drink, to drink

It beckons me
to imbibe its heaviness
so I, too, may become heavy,
so heavy I cannot move

I lift up my glass
you are my master
I have become your slave

Rule me, Master.
Break me, Master.
Command me, Master.
Ruin me, Master.

The power my master yields
controls all my thoughts
my actions
my words
my emotions

I no longer have freedom
You have taken it away from me
my master.
I drink. I drink.

Is there escape from this cage?
I am so heavy,
weighed down with the iron sceptre
you reign over me with.
I drink. I drink.

My memory fails
My head hurts
after a glorious encounter
with you my master
It was so much fun…
I think…
I don’t remember.

It seems that now
I no longer drink
but am drunk.

The capacity I had for self-control
no longer exists
and I am now the drink being poured
for you, my master.

My stupor now my shame
My blindness your entertainment

King Alcohol!
I bow before you.
I worship you.
I give you all I can;
my money
my dignity
my self-respect
my honour
my life.

Take it all
and make me great before my peers.
Make me a real man
who can stand after twenty
Make me a real man
who can take more than plenty
Make me a real man
who has no idea what happened the night before
and smiles to himself and says “What a party!”
Yes, a real man
who can liquidate his cash faster than ice melts in a volcano!
Ah, the power and respect I will command, O King,
when you grant me the power of my master…

Forever will I serve you.
Until, one day, perhaps, I shall be saved.

Cry out my fellow slaves,
blubber it through your tears,
slur it through your twisted faces
of confusion and masked pain
Raise your hands through the numbness
of the anointing of our king
and scream in pleasure and laughter
while you feel you can conquer the world.

Ride the wave, ride it now
before it crashes again
and you start looking for the next one.

Serve your master.
Search for freedom
because, deep down, you know,
you know
you are not free.

© MH.


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