Monkey and the bananas

Swinging like a monkey
from one tree to the next
looking for bananas
for with hunger I am vexed

This vine takes me here
That vine takes me there
As long as I have bananas
I simply do not care

This tree’s made of poison
I dare not touch the bark
But as long as it yields bananas
I’m as happy as a lark

That tree bears its thorns
they really pierce my skin
I do get some bananas
but my body’s getting thin

I do get tired
from time to time
chasing bananas
from vine to vine

Perhaps, then, someday
I won’t have to swing
to find those bananas
that are my everything

I’ll find the right tree
and there I will stay
eating bananas
every single day!

© MH.


4 thoughts on “Monkey and the bananas

    1. I li-like it! :) Did you find find the right tree…or are you still looking? :) We do have good bananas here in Chimoio- apple banana, silver banana…YUM!! All with the beat of the drum!! tempted? ;-)


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