Invisible bliss

I made someone invisible today
it was actually quite easy
I made it so they never even existed
in my concept of time and space.

They’re always at my window,
they’re always at my door.
I just look the other way,
I keep my eyes on the floor

If I don’t see you,
you don’t exist.
Your problems
have no effect on me.

My ignorance is my bliss.

For a split second
I could see you were hungry
Eyes down
there, that’s better,
the hunger is gone.

I don’t understand your world.
I dare not think that
perhaps, one day,
our worlds will collide
in a fusion of love and hate
where your pain becomes mine.

You’re invisible
I see right through you.
My eyes glass over
and all seems perfect in my world.

I wish I could help you
but really, I can’t
I just can’t see you.

© MH.


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