The lies

Do not believe them. The lies.

You’re not good enough.
You’re not pretty enough.
You’re not strong enough.
You don’t know what you’re doing.

You’re not clever enough.
You’re an idiot.
You’re a moron.
You’re a retard.
You just can’t do it.

Stop dreaming.
Stop fighting.
Stop desiring.
Stop wanting.
Stop questioning.

There is no hope for you.
No-one cares about you.
No-one wants you.

Your face is all wrong.
Your body is too fat.
Your body is too thin.
Your hair is funny.

Give up now.

Do not believe them.
Those lies that destroy
and break you into a million pieces
The lies that embed themselves
into you
and eat away at you from the inside out.

Do not believe them.
Those lies that seek to murder
the person you’re meant to be.
The lies that keep you
in the deepest darkest dungeon
till you no longer recognise
the light of the sun.

Believe in someone
who believes in you
and draw strength from the well
you dug to siphon the waters of hope
from a place you used to go to
where heaven shone its light on you.

Stand up.
Fight it.
Do not believe the lies anymore.

© MH.


3 thoughts on “The lies

  1. KEEP WRITING, IT WAS FANTASTIC !! I thank God that He is always in Your JOURNEY!!

    touching every people life to rise up and continue their faith !!


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