Warrior of fire

It is the fire of that rhythm
that burns within my heart
It is the passion of the drum
that dares to rip my soul apart

It is the beat of love
that finds its place
within the infinite pounding
of a rhythm eternal

The hand of the divine
it rests on me
to play the heartbeat of heaven
as drummer and spirit become one

The power comes
the connection complete
the intimate link
between human and God
and my arms on fire
play His pattern

Now I am the warrior
my sticks my swords
heavenly voices
power of rhythm
supernatural consequences

I do not back down
my sound will be heard
my voice it speaks
in tones and melodies
of groove and meter
filling the bars with passion
drumming the verse, riding the chorus,
half-time over the bridge
and crescendo in power to start all over again.

I am the drummer
I am the heartbeat
I am the warrior
swinging both swords
in war,
in love,
in passion,
in awe.

© MH.


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