you’re ugly and fake
i can’t stand you
i don’t believe you
i do not trust you
you make me sick

nothing about you is real
nothing i see in you is real
nothing i hear is real
nothing i can touch of you is real

stop lying to me
stop deceiving me
stop trying to entice me

you offer lies
you offer death
you offer emptiness
and a wasted life

my friends all think you’re great
but I can see the truth
you suck out the life
and become plastic

you are worthless

I do not think
the day will come
when the truth of who you are
will be revealed
You will go to grave with those
who believe you

I can see through you now
I can hear your whisperings
and I choose not to listen.

© MH.


One thought on “Photoshop-society

  1. No-one looks real in magazines anymore. They’re not. Welcome to the Photoshop-society. People believing everything they see…. believing touched up photos, exaggerated stories, false stories, celeb stories…. it makes me quite mad.


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