Left to yourself

Your smile means nothing
your eyes are empty
your laugh is hollow
your jokes aren’t funny

are you trying to tell us something
are you asking for help
or are you
pushing everyone away?

I see bitterness, anger and pain in you
there is no peace
there is no love
there is no forgiveness of the past

You are hurting so deep
but no-one can come close
why not?

You will be swallowed up
in your own discontent
your hunger for peace
will be a famine of pain

Hatred will consume you
it will become you
You will no longer see
through your own eyes

I have tried to be your friend
but now leave you
to yourself.

© MH.


One thought on “Left to yourself

  1. It can never be good when left to our own devices. How far does one go before leaving someone to themselves?


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