From out of this cocoon

Don’t mean to offend
‘lest I pretend
I actually care
what you’re talking about.

You see, I’m all done,
as done as can be
with ‘christianese’
and the power of the tongue.

The control and the manipulation
the power over others
to behave to your specification;
it ends now.

blindly faithful
to a man as flawed as I;
Are we born blind?
Are our minds locked from birth?

There is Truth
and there is man.

No longer ashamed,
I speak from inside.
I hide no more in shadows
for fear of offence
and retribution.
I cower no more
before the face of man,
I stand tall
in the grace of my creator
and speak words of life
words of truth
words of encouragement
words of healing
words of faith
words of peace
words of reconciliation
words of hope
words of love
words of purpose
words of vision
words of passion.

From outside the cocoon,
which held the culture of conformity,
a new love makes itself known
that holds me for eternity.

© MH.


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