Give me all power

Give me the sun
and I will rule a nation
Give me the moon
and I’ll be a god
Give me the waves
and I’ll guide the ships
Give me the mountains
and I’ll build up kingdoms
Give me the wind
and I’ll destroy all creatures
Give me the rivers
and I’ll cut up the ground

Give me creation
Give me the power
Give me the nation
Give me an hour

Meet my demands
Fulfil my commands
Satisfy my greed
That’s all I need

With all this might
With all this reign
What, then, is right?
Will I bring pain?

Above all else
will I find peace?
Above all else
will I find love?
Above all
will I have truth?

© MH.


One thought on “Give me all power

  1. You could have everything in the world. Become like a god… but have nothing at all. No love, no truth.You will not find happiness, you will not have peace. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet lose his soul…?


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