Lost together

Phrases and quotes
stories and votes
excerpts and moving stories.

Horoscopes and readings
talismans and leadings
starsigns and
looking at the times.

You’re as lost as anyone else.

The wilderness of life still exists around you
no matter how much of your reality you deny
Your journey is nowhere near done,
no, you have not yet even begun
to live.

Consult your stars
they only shine down on you
Crave the words
of the wise shaman
he only knows
as much as you do.

Cling fast to your good luck charm
read your self-help manuals
and truly put them to the test.
Did you find happiness and peace?
No. I did not think so.

Celebrate your unity with the lost
Drink, get drunk at any cost
Wake up the next day
and do it all again.

© MH.



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