The newborn’s cry

The newborn babe
nine months in the womb
enters the world
and her cries fill the room

The cord is now cut
the bond is now severed
a new bond is formed
a relationship tethered

The first gasp of air
fills her lungs to capacity
and life begins there
with tremendous voracity

Is she crying to go back
into the warm, soft safety
where she had all and no lack
in the precious sanctuary?

Is she hurt and in pain
that she echoes like rain
with the constant sound
of tears on the ground?

No, this is life
I tell you no lie
she cries for the love
and the warmth from the sky

She cries for the love
She cries for the food
She cries for the dove
bless all that is good

The cry is for life
that make husband and wife
cry to their God
for reprieve from their strife

The cry never stops
it just changes in tone
it becomes more than tears
the cry now a groan.

We all are crying
our bodies call out
We all are dying
The cry now a shout

Listen, listen
to everyone around
watch their lips
and hear their sound:
They’re all crying inside
Some louder than others
Some cry for their husbands
some cry for their brothers
some cry for the lost
some cry for the saved
some cry at the cost
they wished never paid.

What is your cry?
Does it come from your heart?
Do you hear your soul’s desire
or from spirit are you apart?

The womb is no more
the cord is not there
the milk is all gone
yet Someone still cares

Our cries never stop
we all seek the way
our hearts still call out
till peace on that day

The newborn’s cry
is still in us all
we long for true life
or nothing at all.

© MH.



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