The heartbeat of Africa

Hear the sound
of the African wave
the African song
of freedom and brave
soldiers fighting for
the release of peace
the end of the war.

The red sun sets
on the hungry plains
and the animals welcome
the time of coming rains
to quench the thirst
of our mother earth
who gave us birth
with the heartbeat of Africa.

Our African blood
pumps strong through our veins
and with every season of change
there is pain
and heartache
as she cries for her saviour
to set free the people
of the continent of power
but this is not yet her hour.

O mama Afrika
you have sung to so many
held us to your bosom
taught us to survive
to fight and stay alive
so when the day will arrive
that we take our place
as one in His grace
we will know our saviour
and see His face.

Let the dust of Africa
cling to all
who travel through
the savannahs
the mountains
the valleys
the cities
the settlements
the heights and depths
the hearts of our nations.

Let the song of Africa
be heard by all
when we stand
when we fall
every land
every hall-
way of hope
and corridor of change.

Her heart beats strong
and we sing one song
of all done wrong
but it won’t be long
till we rise in the sun
becoming a nation as one
heartbeat of unity
with purpose and clarity
and the strength of the brothers
and the sisters
and the mothers
the fathers and sons
raise their hands and look to the sky
they raise their hands and look to the sky
they raise their hands and I’ll tell you why

The heartbeat of Africa
flows through us all
when we rise
when we fall
when we sing
when we call
to the dancers to dance their stories
upon the earth
we walk on
run on
race on
grow on.

My brothers, my sisters
your hands
full of blisters
from tilling the ground
no freedom found
for some in the dark
but, wait, there is hope.

The sun rise
the sun set
more you will get
when you see we are one
in the Son.

Freedom is yours
is yours to convey
matters not what they say
or who gets in your way.
Grow to your glory
my African story
and shine to the West
the East, North and South
let them hear the sound from your mouth
proclaiming the beauty of our heritage
the wonder of our people
the strength of our resolve
to survive no matter what
to persevere against all odds
to show the world


© MH.



One thought on “The heartbeat of Africa

  1. written almost like a rap, speedy and rhymie. I love this continent and always will. I love the people and the cultures, the sun and the sky. glad to be here.


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