The mask

Wake up.
Put on the mask.
Walk outside.
No-one can see you
see you cry
No-one can hear
your real voice
No-one can gauge your eyes
and the stories they tell.

You smile
but so does your mask
You cry
but your tears are well hidden
No-one knows.
No-one cares?

Keep walking
Keep smiling
Keep talking
Keep dying

The mask will protect you
from reality and pain
for the day at least
till it starts again.

Don’t take off your mask
someone might see you
someone might hear you
someone might touch you

Be brave and put on the mask
No need to be real anymore
No-one else is.

Smile and wave
you brave idiot.

The mask is now you
and you are the mask.

© 2010 MH.


4 thoughts on “The mask

  1. No. It’s meaning is that the ‘protection’ is only temporary, a quick fix like a drug that eventually wears off. The pain and reality of that person’s life will start again when they wake up the next morning and put on their ‘mask’ again, starting the cycle all over again. Refusing to be real, accepting who you are and wearing a mask to pretend to be someone else is always temporary, the mask only hides you for a day, the next day you put it on again to try be someone you’re not… make sense?


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