True beauty

To begin to understand beauty
is to question
that which the world calls beautiful.

It is to question the very standard
that the concept of beauty is based upon.

It is to divide fact from fiction,
truth from lies,
light from darkness.

True beauty is not
in the eye of the beholder.
True beauty is not
the heart’s flutter.

True beauty is not
on the outside.

into her eyes
when she looks and smiles at you.

into the depths of peace
when she touches your hand.

as she whispers gently
of her love in your ear.

For her love for  you,
that is true beauty.
The linking of our hearts,
the connection of our souls.

True love. True beauty.

© MH.



One thought on “True beauty

  1. For my beautiful wife who melts me every time I look into her eyes and realise the true treasure I have in her!


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