The Shadow

I stepped out of this circle
that embraced me like a mother’s arms
and breathed in the cold, icy air;
it froze my lungs and I could not breathe,
I could not speak
I could not move.

The world outside my circle
taunted me with fear and swallowed what little left
I had of

I became what I despised
The mirror reflected something I did not recognise.

I cried out to God, I did not hear His voice.
I know He hears me, I did not know if He answered.
I know there must be more than this,
I did not know what else to do.

I am a child again,
alone and frightened
no self-control
no pride
no fire.

BUT I don’t give up
(even though I feel like it)
I wait.
I wait.
I wait.

Yes, there is more to this,
more to this life.

AND the circle grew
and the arms embraced me once again,
my lungs filled with air
and I could breathe again;
my voice spoke Your words again
and the fire engulfed me
with passion and life once more.

I could look back and see
that I could see
that you could see…
You saw, I saw
that I never moved out of the shadow
of the cross.


One thought on “The Shadow

  1. When you move away from what you thought you believed, you discover if you really believed it at all. You also discover what you are willing to believe in again.


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